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Republish Our Stories

News organizations are welcome to republish Columbia News Service (CNS) stories, for free, and non-exclusively, under the following conditions:

— All stories are published under this Creative Commons license. Please be sure to read it and abide by the conditions listed therein. 

— At the end of any published story, you must run this notice: “Columbia News Service publishes the work of enrolled students at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. For more of our stories, please visit

— Please inform us if you have run one of our stories by emailing a link to You may also direct any questions or concerns to that email address.

— All stories must include the byline or bylines of everyone who is listed in the original piece. They should be identified with the author’s name and the words “Columbia News Service.” An example would be “By Jane Smith, Columbia News Service.”

— You may not trim our stories or substantially change them without written permission from CNS editors. Minor changes, such as a day of the week or changes to accommodate your style guide (e.g., abbreviations), can be made without our approval.

— You may not sell or license any of our content. You may not sell ads specifically targeted to one of our stories, but ads that would have otherwise run on another page of your site or publication may also appear next to our stories. 

— Republished stories must remain in their original language unless you receive written permission from a CNS editor beforehand to translate them.

— You may use any multimedia (photographs, audio, video or graphics) that accompanies one of our stories, as long as you provide proper credit to the student(s) who created it.

— Should you find any error in one of our stories, we ask that you inform us immediately by emailing If we discover an error that requires a correction, you must add the correction to a published story.

— We reserve the right to revoke permission for you to republish our stories, and to ask that stories you have published be removed from your website(s), for reasons including but not limited to violation of any terms listed above.

— Unless otherwise noted, all of the stories, pictures and graphics on this site are the work of students enrolled in the Columbia Journalism School. The student journalists hold the copyright in their work. Each has provided a license to publish their articles that appear here to the Columbia News Service and to any other publisher who republishes their articles under the terms and conditions provided on this website. The student journalists are not paid for their work, and there is no fee for the license to publish their stories.